HTML2PDF is an online WebService to convert websites into the PDF format. This also works with JavaScript (for your own website, too) – and what works with JavaScript, works in nerly every other script and programming language.
It’s really easy to implement HTML2PDF in your own homepage by simply placing a link on your pages (see HTML examples).

HTML2PDF basicly contains a SOAP WebService and a http WebService. Both services may be used for free, even for commercial purposes.

Each page of a PDF will contain a link to this service in it’s header. If you don’t want this, you can remove this link for a small fee. With a valid license key you’re free to use these features:

  • advertising
  • meta tags
  • web optimization for faster web view
  • header and footer
  • page format
  • quality
  • JavaScript interpreter
  • intelligent ratio of pixel/dpi
  • links
  • PDF forms
  • grayscale or colored PDF
  • table of contents
  • loss-free compression
  • JPEG quality
  • JPEG Dpi
  • page margins
  • http-Auth
  • min. font size
  • permissions
  • passwords
  • title of the PDF
  • zoom factor
  • replace variables within the content
  • attachments within the PDF

To test the quality of the HTML2PDF WebService, you may try http://html2pdf.wan24.de/ (German speaking). A german speaking PDF documentation is available (english speaking online documentation on this website). To remove the header line, please contact us with email. With the free WordPress Download PDF Plugin you enable HTML2PDF with a mouse click for your blog.